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We bet on payments-dedicated SaaS to enable card issuers, program owners, and processors to drive their products to success.

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We support you every step of the way


PayTic offers a unique turnkey solution that streamlines the payment operations all in one place with zero IT touch. We guarantee the lowest operational burn rate ever; we enable faster profitability.


With the multilayered backend of PayTic’s platform, onboarding a new payment program with a new network or processor has never been easier.

Retain customers

The automated processes and the intuitive front-end guarantee the proactivity and seamlessness that deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Our SaaS Modules

Smart Chargebacks

We can’t be proud enough of this module; it offers an unprecedented way to manage disputes by transforming the tremendous complexity into an interactive questionnaire in very natural words. It watches for updates, processes them, and keeps you in the loop through your preferred way of contact.

Proactive Reconciliation

The neural architecture of payments involving multicount, multicurrency, joint-accounts, proxy-cards, amongst recurring payments, pay now buy later, incremental auths, and multi-deposit channels make it impossible for general-purpose platforms to reconcile payments. PayTicConnect hunts the gaps down to profound levels, raises support tickets and tracks them for fast resolution.

Fraud Monitoring and Reporting

PayTicConnect leans on its AI-powered engine to detect suspicious transactions, merchants and activities and help you report them to the payment networks with a simple click.


PayTicConnect makes them available in one click on the first day of the new quarter. The math, the changes, and the enhancements are on us; you only click to download and submit to the payment networks.

Mandatory reports

We support batch reporting to the financial intelligences in North America and Europe. PayTicConnect enables your international programs to play by the rules and eliminates manual processing and data entry.

Inclusive Collaboration

We couldn’t miss the front line. We connected the customer support to the back-office expertise. Your support agent clicks on red flags from a card profile screen; then, we take it from there. PayTicConnect assembles the relevant data and automatically opens and tracks support requests with your processors or schemes.

Business Intelligence

Last but not least, PayTicConnect streamlines and tracks the key metrics enabling you to make informed decisions.

About PayTic

It’s about you!

We worked closely with many issuers and program managers over the past decade. We learned from you, and we want to give back. Contrary to all other industries, we learned that there is a lack of dedicated solutions that answer the complex needs of payments management. We believe that easing the processes will enable our partners to scale and bring more disruptive products to the market.

Payments Back Office

With PayTic, you are wining

Industry dedicated solutions.

Centralized program management.

Fast onboarding with zero IT touch.

Low burn rates and Guaranteed ROI.

Fully maintained back-office system.

PCI DSS compliant platform.

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