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We’re always releasing new features! Check back often to see how PayTic continues to make Card Issuing easy. 

v2.6 Released

On Monday June 05, a new version of PayTic Connect has been released. In addition to a new Homepage, this release also introduces newly designed Reconciliation and Network Invoice modules. Additionally, our easy drag and drop document upload feature is ready to start accepting Settlement Files and Network Invoices for ad-hoc analysis.


    • Program Overview: Instant visibility into the daily reconciliation book with details on Opening Balance, Closing Balance, Cash In/Out and Gaps.
    • Accounts: Breakdown at the cardholder account level for Balanced and Unbalanced accounts
    • Transactions: Detailed review at the transaction level, from Matched, Potential Match and Unmatched. Easily confirm or reject a potential match to clear the books and reconcile the day.

Network Invoice Analyzer 

See your costs in one convenient table, broken down by actionable Fee Category and Events occurrences. Any items that need escalation can be done so directly from the platform, and any Cleared Fees can quickly be flagged as Passthrough to sub-programs.

v2.5 Released

On Monday May 1st, a new version of PayTic Connect was released. In addition to improvements across the platform, this release also introduces new features within the Chargeback and Network Fees module.

Chargeback Updates 

  • Actions: We now support new Actions depending on the progress of the Dispute. Easily Accept or Reject a Debit/Credit in cases of a Representment or Collaboration. Status will update to Won or Lost depending on the action taken.
  • Expiry Period: The colour coded clock icon will now allow for quick and easy identification of how much time is left to action a Chargeback depending on where it is in its lifecycle from creation to representment. You will receive notifications to action as needed.
  • MCOM Reporting: No more need to go to MasterCom to review certain Chargeback updates. Simply click on Reporting from the Chargeback table to download the report.
  • Auto-Fill and e-Signature: The declaration form for any dispute can now be filled out directly in the portal prior to download. Transaction details will be pre-fill while cardholder data is simply entered by the agent via the embedded form and ready to be sent for e-signature.

Additionally, our Network Fee module has been updated to provide clarity into paid fees and Action Items that can optimize your invoice to save money instantly by removing Optional Services or correcting ongoing compliance related charges. Any questions or issues with invoice items can be escalated to the network for investigation directly from our platform.

v2.4 Released

On Tuesday March 21st a new version of PayTic Connect will be released. In addition to updates and improvements across the features, this release also introduces an exciting and entirely new AI based Module to the platform, Business Insights.

The new BI Module uses advanced AI to tell you everything you need to know about your Program and affiliate Programs. Simply ask a question in your own words, and the system will gather the data for you! You can then save the results into an existing View, or create your own custom View to save the most relevant data.

You can still also find critical program info at a glance within the Dashboard, under the Operations Module. 

On the new Business Intelligence menu, you will find the following pages where you can ask additional questions and save them as desired:

  • My Views: Here you will find all the custom Views that you have created. Each View can be named and hold any reports that you wish. Simply ask your questions, and save the results to your desired custom View.
  • Program Insights: We have suggested reports specific to overall Program activity, and more interesting insights that you might like to know.
  • Money Matters: Insights into all financial flows in and out of your Program.
  • Cardholder Activity: Data relating to your Customer Relations activity and how your cardholders are engaging with your Agents.
  • Program Operations:  Summaries related to chargebacks, disputes, regulatory and compliance activity.

Additionally, the Chargeback and Customer Relations features have had some updates to make disputes and search easier.

When opening a dispute, Agents can now Save the progress of the questionnaire and go back to review/edit previous answers within the dispute lifecycle window; this window is now also accessible anytime via the Customer Relations feature. The dispute questionnaire questions and messages have also been updated to be clearer for the Agent and Cardholder.

v2.3 Released

On Tuesday January 17th a new version of PayTic Connect was released. This update introduces an entirely new feature, Network Fees, which you can find under the Finance Module.

Our Network Fees feature intakes fee reports directly from the card scheme and makes it easy to understand and action the fees for your Card Program. On the Network Fees page you will find the following:

  • Dashboard: An overview of your Program fees broken down by amount per fee types and billing events. Review trends and top services associated to your Card Program.
  • Billing Exceptions: We analyse all incoming fees for applicability to your Program. If we identify any anomalies or unnecessary fees, you’ll see them highlighted for action and investigation directly with the card scheme from our portal. Simply click on the listed fee for a detailed description and the discrepancy information. To escalate a fee, our pre-populated email lets you contact the network in seconds. If the charge is in fact merited, mark it as Legitimate!
  • Network Fee Simulator:  Want to make some Program changes but need to know what that means for the bottom line? Our Simulator can answer that. Just input the program parameters and our system will give you a detailed breakdown of services and network fees that will be applied.

v2.2 Released

On Tuesday, December 27 a new version of PayTic Connect was released. This update focuses on the Chargeback module, with several new features added to make your dispute process even smoother.

  • Dispute Lifecycles: We all know that the Claim process is long, and details can get lost in the crowd, but you can now follow a Chargeback throughout its entire lifecycle. Our new details window for each case will be updated in real time as the Claim is processed between banks and the card schemes. Each point in the lifecycle has its own drill down with finer details, removing any ambiguity on where a Chargeback stands. Lastly, if a Dispute is opened but should no longer be submitted for any reason, an agent can now simply Close the Claim (if not yet submitted) and it will not be sent for processing.
  • Case Filing Process: PayTic will now monitor the progress of re-presentments in the chargeback lifecycle for you. We will update the status and alert you about any rejections on pre-arbitration or pre-compliance cases. Dispute teams can then easily investigate and escalate to arbitration as needed.
  • Batched Submit – To help you save time, you can now submit a batch of chargeback and fraud records by selecting multiple transactions with the same card, merchant and transaction date range.
  • Potential Chargebacks – PayTic will now flag some transactions as Potential Chargebacks after each clearing report is processed. Potential triggers will be Force Posted transactions, Late Presentments, duplicate debits, and CAT 3 Level transactions. These items will be listed in the chargeback module and can be easily filtered using the status “Potential Chargeback”. Finally, we have added an “Investigate” feature to take action on these potential chargebacks.
  • Updates to Fraud Cases – Change happens, and that’s true for Fraud cases too. When needed, you can now Edit, Update, and Delete an open Fraud Submission within the Chargeback module as more information comes to light during an investigation. These actions will update directly in Mastercard.
  • Updated Quarterly Member Reporting – The QMR module has also been updated to save you time (and money!). Not only can users review and compare report figures before submitting to Mastercard, PayTic will also flag any anomalies in the data directly. This will allow you to report an issue, investigate further, or confirm that the numbers are ok prior to official submission.