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Operations Module

The day to day made easy. 


Everything you need to know about your Card Program on one page. 

Your comprehensive Dashboard monitors overall Program activity and provides insights into detailed spend and settlement activity. Reports can be customized and exported as needed.


Stay ahead of data curve balls.

As payment data comes in from various sources such as Processors, card networks, and your core banking partner, the PayTic algorithms are detecting issues and events in real-time. If there is an anomaly in the data, our system will highlight these transactions so you can review, address, and action as needed. Exceptions include mismatched data, duplications, and force-posted transactions.

app interface: exceptions management

Make serving your customers your only priority. 

PayTic clients often have Customer Service call centres that receive inbound calls from Cardholders with issues and questions about their transaction(s). This guided feature enables contact centre agents to look up relevant payment information, reset MDES Tokens, flag transactions as fraudulent, gather details from the cardholder, and initiate claims if needed.

app interface: customer relations