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Our intuitive dashboard takes the pressure off staying compliant.

  • Understand your Program Fees
  • Reconcile transaction data between your card scheme, core banking, and processor
  • Automate your Dispute Process and stay compliant

Select the Features below to learn how PayTic can make your Program Management easier:

app interface: dashboard

Let’s unweave the web. 

No more convoluted network fees or surprises. Our Network Fees features breaks down your Program Fees as they come in! Our dashboard will flag any fees that seem too high, or completely unnecessary for your Program based on your set-up. Any issues with the fees can be escalated directly from our platform to the Card Network with a pre-populated email describing the issuing. Don’t pay for what you don’t need and focus on growing your customer base! Ever want to make Program changes or add features? Try it in our Fee Simulator first to see the impact on the bottom line.

app interface: scheme fees

Let’s get the numbers straight from day 1. 

PayTic’s Reconciliation engine ingests processing reports, scheme reports, and core banking data to enable a three-dimensional view of settlement operations, program ledgers, and cardholder balances. In addition, users can access daily settlement activity and drill down into any T140 file to see details such as Settlement Amount, Interchange Amount, Scheme Fees, Chargeback Amounts, and any gaps in funding.

app interface: reconciliation function

Let the guided dashboard automate your Claim process.

When fraud, unauthorized transactions, or delivery issues happen, a chargeback is often required. This guided dashboard allows users to easily start the Claim process. The dashboard directs the agent to gather the right information from the cardholder in a simple questionnaire format and if qualified, submit the chargeback directly to the network. Cases can be followed in detail at every step of their processing lifecycle and PayTic will even flag transactions as Potential Chargebacks, letting you action before the cardholder has to!

app interface: chargebacks