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Finance Module

The days of crunching numbers are over. 


Quickly identify and action gaps or anomalies in the data. 

No more spreadsheet headaches. PayTic’s Reconciliation engine ingests and organizes processing reports, scheme reports, and core banking data to enable a three-dimensional view of settlement operations, program ledgers, cardholder account balances and transactions. Any gaps or mismatches in the numbers can quickly be identified, actioned and cleared. 

app interface: reconciliation function

View and link daily program spending limits to available collateral funds in real-time.

Provisional settlement collaterals are unrealistically high, mainly because the funds that sit in reserve are calculated offline and not reviewed often. This feature allows program managers to view and link the daily program spending limits to the available collateral funds in near real-time. Authorized users can set dynamic thresholds to receive notification alerts, action automated transfers, and suspend a card program if necessary.

app interface: treasury control

Demystify the monthly invoice. 

Card Network fees and invoices can feel like a maze! Our Scheme Fees feature intakes fee reports from the card scheme and describes each fee item in plain words. We then analyze them for applicability to your Program. If we identify any anomalies or fees that shouldn’t be there, you’ll see them highlighted for action and investigation directly with the card scheme from our portal. Also let our Fee Simulator show you how changes to your Card Program will impact cost!

app interface: scheme fees

Getting paid should be easy. 

Easily set business rules to automatically calculate and split interchange, add passthrough fees, and include any customized charges. Invoicing data is automatically generated at the month’s end. Users can browse, edit/adjust the invoicing items, track revenue and look up historical invoices.

app interface: invoicing